Drop-in Centre: At our Drop-In Centre, the environment is the teacher. The environment has the power to promote relationships, educate, and prepare children not only for school but for life. The center and materials invite children to investigate, imagine, think, create, and solve problems. The Drop-In Centre is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30am – 12:00pm at 333 Glengarry Avenue (entrance is located in the center of the apartment buildings).




Cooking on a Shoestring: Cooking on a Shoestring aims to teach families how to cook nutritious and affordable meals, kitchen safety skills and cross contamination prevention techniques, and the harmful effects processed foods have on the body. Related imageDiscover how to use inexpensive and accessible ingredients to make meals for families, while simultaneously being emerged in an encouraging and collaborative teamwork environment.



Growing Gardeners: The Growing Gardeners program aims to strengthen healthy development for children in junior and senior kindergarten. Children in junior and senior kindergarten will be taught how to garden in their classroom,Related image this type of hands on exposure increases children’s self-esteem and problem-solving skills through trial and error. The program aspires children to develop a love for gardening to take back to their families. Canada’s Guide to Healthy Eating is an influence to teaching children about nutritious fruits and vegetables and in turn how they have a positive effect on physical and cognitive growth.

Have Fun, Be Fit: Have Fun, Be Fit motivates children to participate in physical activity in the hope of building healthy self-esteem, helping families understand the importance of physical activity, and educating about proper nutrition. Related imageThis program also aims to promote social interaction between parents, children, and facilitators.





Mom’s Time Out: The Mom’s Time Out program invites mothers of the community to take time to unwind and relax from the daily stressors of life. Relaxation activities correlates to mother’s mood and stress levels, which promote patience and reduced frustration. Spending time with fellow mother’s in the community also provides our clients with a way to build a network with one another.





Ready-Set-School: The Ready Set School Camp program aims to prepare children for learning and success in kindergarten by using the world of play and exploration. Image result for preschool childrenThe camp embraces the every day routines and activities in kindergarten in order to expose children before they actually enter school. An element that is unique about this camp is that it gives children the experience of being able to separate from their parents or caretakers for a short period of time; therefore, when children enter kindergarten the transition from the home to school won’t be so abrupt. The camp operates in July and August, so like us on Facebook to see the start dates of the program as registration is limited!

~Please Note: All programs run at various times throughout the year! Check our calendar for any upcoming programs or call (519)977-9407. ~